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The Silent Majority is Going to Get Loud

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When government fails to act in the interests of its citizens, it’s their duty to take action. For 20 years, the United States has seen failure of government through unrestricted illegal immigration, one-sided trade deals, uncontrolled spending, and failed foreign policy.

Predictably this has created a seething anger within the American citizenry. As was their duty, the citizens took action -- at the ballot box. They elected Donald Trump in 2016. President Trump didn’t create the anger, the anger created him.

While he made substantial strides in response to their grievances, his time in office was too short to fully institutionalize the necessary course corrections -- particularly with unprecedented resistance from the Deep State. The grievances of the citizenry remain unresolved.

Unfortunately, avenues of redress have continued to close. Our institutions are no longer providing equal protection, our freedom of expression has been curtailed, and even our vote has been undermined. These factors brought us to our current state -- a level of political tension not seen in generations. Traditional avenues of redress are under attack.

The United States has a heritage of civil protest as a means to effect political change. However, even prior to the Trump era, legacy media has used gaslighting to undermine the protest messages. Tea Party protesters were called racists and domestic terrorists. Trump rally attendees were called white supremacists. Peaceful protests have been called violent uprisings while violent protests (by BLM and Antifa) have been called “mostly peaceful.” The media have effectively used propaganda to crush political expression. They are attempting to impugn the speakers to discredit the message.

In recent years, suppression of expression has taken another alarming turn -- outright censorship. Divergent political views, and even legitimate news stories, are being suppressed by legacy news media, Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube and other social media sites. Some........

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