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Joseph R. Biden: Hollow Man

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By definition, a façade is the outside appearance of a building. Buildings on Hollywood sets are often called façades because outside appearance is all they are. They look like complete buildings from the front, but from the inside, one can see that they're merely shells — completely hollow.

Just like a Hollywood set, Joe Biden is all façade and no substance. He's a hollow man.

The Biden façade has been carefully crafted over decades by himself, his enablers, and the propaganda ministry. Before the last election, I was told by one of his supporters that he seemed like a "genuine and likeable guy." He's just a normal guy from a working neighborhood in Scranton, with no pretensions and absolutely nothing elitist about him.

An incredible number of Americans have been taken in by his smile and images of him joking around with us common people. Do you remember that picture of him with a biker woman sitting on his lap while they flirted and laughed it up? That's the Joe the media presented to us.

The propaganda ministry also packaged him as the experienced, steady hand. He was cast as the adult in the room who would return normalcy to our country. No living politician had more foreign policy experience than Joe. He would heal America's relationship with its allies and reset its position on the world stage.

But that image has always been a façade. The real Joe Biden is something very different from what one sees from the outside. He is not the kind old uncle. He is short-tempered and nasty when confronted with anything other than fawning adoration. Remember when voters dared to question him on the campaign trail? He immediately lost his temper, calling them vile names. He called........

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