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Democrat Logic: Reduce Inflation with More Inflation!

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What could be dumber than spending $433B that we don't have during an inflation crisis? Raising taxes by $739B during a recession, that's what.

Could anything be less economically sound than doing either of those two things? Yup! The Dems are about to give us a real demonstration of cluelessness. They're about to do both of those things together — having the most negative impact on the economy achievable by mere mortal men. And they're going to do it while Americans are screaming that the economy is our biggest concern right now. So are the Democrats

My money's on "more focused on ideology." They know by now that November is going to be a bloodbath, and they're doing as much as possible to "fundamentally transform" America into North Cuba with their limited time left.

This has all been enabled by Joe Manchin, who finally caved to the pressure of his fellow Democrats and agreed to support a Build Back Better light bill. I guess he didn't want an assassin en route to West Virginia, like what happened with Justice Kavanaugh. But you've got to give the Dems points for moxie. They've named the bill the Inflation Reduction Act — as if Americans won't notice that it accomplishes the exact opposite.

The Dems are beyond excited about having a bunch more of our money to spend on their socialist schemes. Politico is even giddy, celebrating that Biden is back.

Somehow, someway, Joe Biden is back in the game. After enduring a brutal year, Biden is suddenly on the verge of a turnaround that, the White House believes, could salvage his summer — and alter the trajectory of his presidency.

They're saying it as if it were a good thing. They seem to believe that Manchin surrendering to the insanity is a sign that Joe Biden is engaged and in charge again. I guess they haven't noticed the unintended consequences every time old Joe gets engaged in anything.........

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