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Heads Up, Jew-Haters! Don't Take This Medicine!

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Maybe I don't frequent the right journals, internet sites, TV shows, or radio stations, because all I've seen and read and heard since the 1960s is that the Arabs who call themselves "Palestinians" — you know, those perpetual "victims" who have received literally billions — maybe trillions — in "aid" from America — have become famous for a few things only:

What I've never seen or read or heard is that the Arabs who call themselves "Palestinians" have done one single solitary thing to benefit mankind. Their singular obsession has been to annihilate the Big Satan, America, and the Little Satan, Israel.

Let's Talk Numbers

Christianity and Islam are the two largest religions in the world, with 2.4 billion and 1.9 billion adherents, respectively — literally half the people on our Earth of about 7.8 billion.

In stark contrast, Judaism comprises 15 million people, about eight million in Israel, about six million in the United States, and about one million scattered throughout the world.

To see the most vilified state in the entire world, look here at the infinitesimal red strip, surrounded by 300 million Arabs, once enemies until President Donald J. Trump succeeded for the first time in history in establishing the Abraham........

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