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Follow the Science, Even When It Changes (Especially When It Changes)

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“Follow the science!” is all we hear, along with how dare we question “the science.” Well, let’s bring the vigorous boil down to a low simmer for a minute so we can get to the root of things, shall we?

As a layperson, not a scientist or medical professional, I would never offer medical advice. However, I can understand simple English and science, and can apply that knowledge to search for the definition of “science.”

Perceiving a trend exists, let’s agree for the moment that, in the everyday language we regular folks use, “science” means “what we know” about a specific area of study, research, etc.

For example, nearly everyone understands the simple chemical and physical characteristics of water. Water (two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom) is found in three forms: vapor, liquid, or solid. Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit and freezes at 32 degrees. We can change those values by introducing variables of salinity or atmospheric pressure, but H2O is a stable compound and provides predictable, observable, repeatable results.

Can we agree that every scientific discipline is unique? For instance, what we know about biology is different from physics, which is different from meteorology, astrophysics, biophysics, and immunology—correct? Therefore, we do not ask rocket scientists to perform brain surgery, nor do we require neurosurgeons to calculate the parameters for NASA missions to re-enter the atmosphere. Also, it would be a logical fallacy to assume that the precision and success that may characterize one realm of science can automatically be expected in another.

For example, the universe and our solar system have been created in a manner that provides incredible stability and predictability. Scientists today can predict the exact moment an eclipse will occur and the shadow’s precise track across the earth. They can do so because of........

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