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Why Sexualize Kids if Sexuality is Inborn?

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Are we to presume that woke corporations, like Disney, teachers unions, “progressive” academics, corporate media, and chic Hollywood have once and for all settled the long and contentious nature-nurture debate?

Seems so. No one is born a certain way, say nurturers. The next time a gay guy or Admiral (Rachel née Richard) Levine tells you that “he was born that way,” tell him that the enlightened elite have changed the rules. Spread the word to any purple-haired, nose-pierced, tattooed LGBTQIA you happen to know.

The push by self-professed incredibly smart, sophisticated, and science-dedicated progressives to sexualize kids -- starting at early ages -- into their bizarre world of woke screams “nurture rules!” Good Catholic Joe Biden must think so, too. Nature’s role -- meaning how we come factory-equipped with traits -- has been scrapped.

Seems that Lockian sensibility has triumphed. You know John Locke? The philosopher who claimed that humans are born tabula rasa? In other words, our minds are blank slates at birth. Experience creates us. Coming out of the womb, we’re moldable plastic -- bend us, twist us, shape us.

Kids’ minds are empty chalkboards, declares the creed, and godless purveyors of dissolute sexuality mean to write their dark formulas on them. Further, their conceit informs them that human beings are gods themselves. Well, not all of us, just them. Their superiority makes them benevolent human shapers. They’re more like Dr. Frankensteins. Kids are to be made into little woke monsters.

What does history teach us -- for those who care about such a trifle? Conceit leads to hubris, hubris being a calamitous, wretched fate that befalls those bound to their vanities. Dr. Frankenstein learned that. The fall will come for kid corrupters, because per the old margarine commerical tagline, “You can’t fool Mother Nature!” Not for long, anyway.

The mandarins of woke have decided that gender is “assigned at birth.”........

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