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Who Thinks Biden is a War Leader?

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You have to wonder what great disconnect happened in the minds of conservatives who are agitating for war with Russia. Given their rhetoric, war is what they’re flirting with. Putin, per the invective, is a butcher, war criminal, Hitler clone, and madman. They want Putin exiled to Siberia or dead. They want a no-fly zone and Russian convoys bombed. Regime change in Russia is a must. Ukrainians alone aren’t going to make that happen. We must do more, they insist.

Sounds like war talk, doesn’t it?

We get that the military-industrial complex (hat tip: Dwight Eisenhower) and D.C.’s foreign policy and defense establishment are self-interested and appear to want war, but shouldn’t conservatives know better?

A war with Russia -- even if somehow justified -- requires a leader, a capable, sensible leader, to name two basic qualities. How does Joe Biden measure up?

We wonder what pro-war conservatives are thinking. Prior to Putin’s invasion, these conservative stalwarts routinely excoriated Biden for his total incompetence, habitual lying, corruption, and pushing a leftist agenda that has only begun hurting Americans.

What alchemy changed their perceptions of Biden? How have they concluded that he’s fit to lead this nation in a major war against nuclear-armed Russia (tactically armed to the teeth, no less)?

Wasn’t it just last August when our commander-in-chief insisted on an ignominious retreat from Afghanistan, abandoning billions of dollars in weapons and equipment to the Taliban and, worse, heartlessly leaving behind Americans and Afghan allies by the score? During the rush for the exit, didn’t thirteen American soldiers needlessly die in a terrorist attack on Karzai International Airport? Never forget those brave Americans.

In the aftermath, wasn’t there a huge outcry about Biden’s complete failure and crass motives from the conservative chattering class and just about every congressional Republican who could find a podium, mic, and camera?

Why did Biden make decisions........

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