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The Antilife Party

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The longstanding idea that the two major American political parties are just means to ends needs revision. The Democrat Party, dating back to Andrew Jackson, with roots in the older Jeffersonian antifederalist coalition, really hasn’t changed much in a critical aspect: it’s the party of antilife. The party of slavery and, post-Civil War, Jim Crow moved seamlessly into the party of abortion. Even today’s open southern border fits the bill.

Slavery was antilife, in that it was exploitive and cruel. Jim Crow was oppressive, which is a form of antilife. Abortion is cruel and genocidal. An estimated 63 million babies have been extinguished since the now defunct Roe v. Wade occurred in 1973. A disproportionate number of those babies are black. Democrats seem blind to the irony.

Abortion is also exploitive, in that its fundamentally hostile to what is so intrinsic to women -- motherhood. Men, aside from the current lunacy, can’t menstruate, gestate a baby, or breastfeed. DNA rules. Nature can’t be denied, regardless fashionable conceits.

Try to deny nature and nature will eventually brutally assert its dominance. Democrats should study communist China to learn why.

Mainland China is collapsing demographically, having forced a “One-child Policy” on its people. That translated into mandatory sterilizations and abortion to achieve the goal. 338 million abortions occurred, per Chinese propaganda. The results? Too many nonworking old people and not enough productive younger Chinese means big woes ahead. Too many males -- Chinese parents had a bias: their one child needed to be a boy -- and too few females plague younger generations. Feminism never caught on with China’s communist rulers.

China’s overlords grasped their folly too late. They’ve scrambled to try to incentivize couples to have not just two kids, but now three. It’s not working, for many reasons. Chinese communists instigated a type of........

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