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Nearly in the Grip of a Cult

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Decades of unprecedented prosperity have made westerners indolent, bored, and self-absorbed. Detachment from Judeo-Christian faith has made elites vulnerable to fanatics and charlatans peddling gimcrackery. These peddlers no longer hawk their nonsense in the name of God, as was done throughout much of history. Today, they claim to do so as enlightened people of science.

Two cults pose growing threats to the well-being of humanity in the coming years. Advancing critiques of these cults is necessary but insufficient. Offering a compelling alternative to the dark world they would fashion is critical.

One cult we know a lot about: “anthropomorphic climate change.” After a half century, “saving the planet” has been woven into the culture. Many people share the conceit that humans have the power to save or destroy the earth.

Over the years, green initiatives have made inroads, being translated into laws and policies. Now, though, a rising generation of left-wing Democrats, backed by aspiring oligarchs, is pushing a radical green agenda with greater intensity. Average Americans are already shouldering the costs.

The Biden administration’s hostility to conventional energy production that’s led to spikes in energy costs are conspicuous poison fruits of this emboldened extremism. But there are more Biden policies and bureaucratic efforts pushing green radicalism that are flying under the radar. They will do enormous harm to the nation’s economic and social fabric if allowed to stand.

The other cult, which is our focus here, centers on the rise of artificial intelligence, which futurists claim will supplant humans as governors. And, no less, the expectation that practically omniscient, predictive algorithms will control every aspect of human existence.

That seems like science fiction. In part, it is, in that the likelihood that artificial intelligence will match or surpass human intelligence is fanciful.

But there’s a growing stable of intellectuals and elite who are convinced that intelligent machines -- or a merger of machines and humans -- will rule the earth. And........

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