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When Your Woke Government Promises You 'a General Peace'

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One of my favorite political cartoons from the end of America's War for Independence comes not from the colonies, but from a printer in London. Entitled "The General P__s, or Peace," it shows an Englishman, a Dutchman, an American Indian, a Spaniard, and a Frenchman all urinating into a pot with their swords and national flags lying on the ground. In sixteen lines of verse accompanying the drawing, the unhappy engraver bemoans the loss of America and ends with an acerbic final stanza: "Tis vain for to fret or growl at our lot, / You see they're determin'd to fill us a pot, / So now my brave Britons excuse me in this, / That I for a Peace am obliged to write Piss."

That always makes me smile. "How on Earth," I imagine that printer grumbling to himself, "did a ragtag bunch of colonists end up dictating terms of surrender to the world's pre-eminent empire?" Now it also reminds me of a popular internet meme juxtaposing the picture of a woman dancing in warm rain under the caption "People Who Trust the Government," with the picture of her neighbor urinating over their mutual fence and captioned appropriately, "The Government." So it would seem we Americans have come full circle and are now on the receiving end of our government's piddling affections.

Isn't it remarkable how everything the federal government does in the name of "general peace" ends up as a pot of the other stuff that we're expected to drink right up with a smile? For the life of me, I can't think of anything helpful or good that has come from Washington's Leviathan or the D.C. despots that control that ungrateful monster in quite some time. We're thirty trillion dollars in debt, and Congress couldn't care less, as the mental........

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