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Harvard Determined to Race to the Bottom

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So, Harvard University named Greg Epstein, an atheist, as their head chaplain, because apparently nothing makes more sense to them than turning over the spiritual direction of their students to someone whose entire belief system is built around the belief that there is no God.

At least Epstein is somewhat honest about his belief system, which is more than I can say about the more than 40 religious leaders of apparently 20 different faiths who gave unanimous consent to this grotesque travesty.

Most of America’s universities have been post-Christian, if not openly hostile to Christianity, for many years, so Harvard is just putting their stamp of approval on what they see as the natural progression.

I remember being a young lieutenant in Europe in the 1990s and noticing that it was largely a post-Christian continent, a fact that was hard to miss. I marveled at the many beautiful monuments that stood as silent witnesses of its Christian past.

This was not without tremendous cost for Europe. The lack of a real belief system left Europe defenseless to deal with the rise of Islam that is now crashing through their society like a wave while they can muster little more than acquiescent apologies for not surrendering to it faster. After all, you can’t stop a primal force armed with nothing but a weird concoction of aimless guilt and dangerously incoherent slogans about diversity and inclusion.

At the time I was wandering through largely empty cathedrals, I wondered if the same thing could happen here, even as some people assured me that it could not.

Thirty years later, it is clear we’ve largely followed Europe’s disastrous example.

The problem is that once Christianity is driven into the corners of society, people will believe the........

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