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California Recall Election Today: Larry Elder Proves Democrats Are Still Racist

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So Larry Elder is a white supremacist (at least in the eyes of the left). So argued a Los Angeles Times columnist, Jean Guerrero, on CNN as Brian "journalists are the real heroes" Stelter's smug visage nodded along.

These denizens of the left all but celebrated when a white woman in a gorilla mask attacked Elder in a transparently racist attack.

The same Los Angeles Times, when forced to cover the incident, ran a deceptive headline that attempted to pin the blame on Elder that read, "LAPD is investigating altercation involving Larry Elder at Venice homeless encampment." If only Elder would stop causing altercations, all would be well in the world.

Perhaps their protestations and attempt to ignore this incident would be slightly more believable if they hadn't breathlessly subjected America to an endless string of fake hate crimes.

The stories follow a similar pattern. The incident turns out to be a hoax followed by the breathless media and political perpetrators demanding we move on while still trying to use the incident to push their evil narrative.

They say something like, "Well, it could have been true, which shows that we have a serious racism problem and need to support our noxious policies." What goes unsaid is that these policies are aimed at dividing America into racial camps that serve their interests of exploiting races for political power and gain.

One of the more revolting incidents happened at my alma mater, the United States Air Force Academy, a few years back. Someone wrote racist graffiti outside the dorm room of black cadets at an institution that once focused on integrity, shared values, and a common and uniting mission that transcended race.

In talking to a fellow classmate and good friend, we were both immediately convinced it was a hoax since that is what made the most logical sense.

And yet the top general at the academy, Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria, took it at........

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