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Afghanistan: The 'Graveyard of Empires' Claims Another?

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Afghanistan has been called "the graveyard of empires." While disputes about the validity of the term continue, the fact is that the country has been a battleground for empires.

From ancient times until today, the country has been invaded by what is present-day India, the Greeks, Muslims of the Rashidun caliphate, Mongols led by Genghis Khan, Persians, and Sikhs. More recently, the British Empire, the Soviet Union, and NATO led by the United States have had a go at establishing a presence in the nation.

Why is Afghanistan so important?

According to military tacticians, any entity controlling Afghanistan has a gateway to control Southern Asia, especially India, which can be invaded through the Khyber Pass. Control of the pass is a reason so many empires and nations have battled for control of the country. It is key to empire-building in southeast Asia.

Currently, Afghanistan is at least temporarily under the control of the Taliban. But perhaps even more importantly, China has indicated that it will recognize the Taliban if Kabul falls.

What may happen after China recognizes the Taliban?

Since the restraints Western nations such as Britain, America, and NATO (Europe) place on warfare and the concept of "nation-building" while conducting war do not compute when it comes to the CCP, China will no more regard the Taliban as the legitimate rulers of Afghanistan than it has regarded the Dalai Lama........

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