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Gone Is the Romance of California

3 11 22

Perhaps if all the disgruntled voters who left California in recent years were still there to favor the recall of Gavin Newsom, his political career would have ended last Tuesday. During the 2010s, about 6.1 million people moved from California to other states, while 4.9 million came from other places to California.

The demographics of the leave-takers is unclear, but the new arrivals include many from foreign countries, along with wealthy corporate types who could afford the move. Declining birth rates among young people in California and more deaths due to the increasing numbers of elderly also played a part in lowering California's population

Such "exchange of prisoners," as it were, perfectly suits the goals of the Democrat party, which is to keep California a deep blue political stronghold and to strengthen its national clout by cosseting the minority and white liberal vote.

But while Newsom's team is crowing over the recall results, the fact is that the governor's support from minorities — 63% from people "of color"; 60% among Hispanics — represents the weakest showing a California Democrat has received in recent memory. And this should be cause for worry, at least behind the scenes.

I happen to be one of those who recently joined the exodus from what was once the Promised Land. During my fourscore years in California, I had left twice before to accept out-of-state jobs, in each case returning after about a year. For whatever reason, one becomes accustomed to the state's presumed "cutting edge," even if inflicts some lifestyle wounds.

When I first settled there in the mid-1950s, it was truly a land of milk and honey. Employment opportunities were plentiful; houses were affordable; the landscape was appealing. California duly laid claim to being "The Golden State." And the benign weather has........

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