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The Age of Reason and the Abuse of Reason

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Entering a college classroom in 1950, I noticed some pre-class graffiti on the chalkboard that read: “Damn the Absolute!” This cry of a soul lashing out at evil in the world struck a sympathetic chord. Alas, it also struck a false note. For how do you turn against that from which you are formed, that is larger than every self and points to the Truth that has confounded scores of souls before and since Pilate came face to face with it? How, indeed, does one separate self from the generative power of creation without condemning that self to a private limbo?

(Whoever may wonder why I bring up something out of the “dead-and-done” past, it’s because it plagues a great many in the present.)

Did I misread the chalkboard message? Well, if banishing what is Absolute (capital A) did not mean turning against the source of human existence, what did it mean? I suspected this to be another instance of playing the relativity game, frequently won by players with more muscle than talent, or another instance of mixing constants and variables, a useful way to deceive others (and oneself) with clever falsehood. Failure to keep constants and their associated variables in proper relation to each other prevents what is to be altered from gaining real traction, which is why constants are fixed. This is a detail of reality lost on many so-called progressives who see every rule as a variable, every constraint as a block in one’s path instead of a gate to the real possibilities, while they tear down everything in their way from A to B that can’t be “manipulated.”

But no matter how “the Absolute” is confronted (or dismissed), the principle or foundation or generative power behind our very existence (a philosophical hot potato since B.C.) refuses to be bagged in words and symbols and will escape every purely rational manipulation, no matter how logical, no matter how persuasive the process.

When you put the mind in the driver’s seat, so to speak, in order to pin........

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