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Slouching Toward Dictatorship

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“Were [our forefathers] so blind as not to perceive that the destruction of a myriad of individuals is only so much positive advantage to the mass!”

− Edgar Allan Poe*

“Progressives” need to oppose time-tested wisdom about human nature and reject the lessons of history because good sense and experience stand in the way of their form of progress toward a better life in a better world. We are all to believe in their superior sagacity and in the “science” justifying their plans for humanity. (That they’re not kidding should frighten the hell out of everyone with a heart as well as a brain.)

How often have you heard “Time for a change?” I’ve been hearing it regularly every four years since 1952 when I voted for the first time. Well, have times changed? You bet! A graph of progress over time for We the People would show a line slumping and accelerating downward toward the end of the 20th century. I am speaking of course of progress toward a better life for all Americans. Is that not the promise of those who wish to be elected?

So, why has the desire for a better life in America become a political kickball instead of a priority of leadership? Recalling the Low Heels and the High Heels in Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, the left accuses the right and the right accuses the left for standing in the way of progress, each with one hand pointing to the “opponent” and the other hand in a pocket ready to accept bonus cash. Excepting the few honest top members of government, it’s a story repeated constantly through........

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