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The 'war on terror' is a noose around Black America's neck

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The modern lynching of George Floyd struck a global nerve. The image of a white officer crushing the neck of a Black man triggered a collective trauma that resonated in more than 50 countries and on six continents. People poured into the streets and transmuted rage and raw emotion into a movement unseen in the United States for half a century. Police, showing their true colours, responded with tear gas, which hung oppressively in the air in an attempt to quell and suffocate the protesters' indignation. Floyd's last breath stoked the fires of global outrage.

"We revolt simply because, for many reasons, we can no longer breathe," Frantz Fanon prophetically said. His words capture this collective asphyxiation. In the case of Floyd and the protesters demonstrating in his honour globally, the inability to breathe is quite literal. This metaphoric suffocation is indicative of a broader policy change that expands the so-called war on terror into a noose around Black America's neck.

Understanding this expansion requires understanding the American military and its connection with policing. Few Americans realise they are citizens of an empire, one with hundreds of military bases in more than a third of the world's sovereign nations. The criminalisation of Black and brown Muslim people abroad as terrorists influences the treatment of their American counterparts at home. American police end up with military-grade weapons. The same tools of indiscriminate carnage used in Mogadishu and Baghdad wound up in the hands of the "PoPo". However, excess military supplies are not the only things police inherit from the military. America's conquests serve as training exercises for the "boys in blue".

Policing practices have been continuously informed by counterinsurgency warfare, which is just a euphemism for "crimes against humanity". How Eyad Hallaq, a disabled Palestinian, was murdered and dehumanised by an outgrowth of........

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