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Robert Mueller has been inducted into the 'chickensh** club'

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"The chickensh** club" is a phrase coined by James Comey after he was US attorney for the Southern District of New York back in 2002. The title means he was head of an office of over 200 assistant US attorneys. Several months into his job, Comey, who would later head the FBI for four years before being dismissed by US President Donald Trump in 2017 in what some saw as an obstruction-of-justice move, called a staff meeting.

As reported by Jesse Eisinger in his book, The Chickensh** Club: Why the Justice Department Fails to Prosecute Executives, "Comey asked the seated prosecutors a question, 'Who here has never had an acquittal or a hung jury. Please raise your hand.' The go-getters and resume builders in the office were ready. This group thought themselves the best trial lawyers in the country. Hands shot up. Backs straightened in preparation for praise. Comey looked at his flock with approbation. 'You are members of what we like to call the Chickensh** Club'."

Prosecutors who had never lost a case were prosecutors who had never dared to take tough cases. White collar cases are the toughest to make and there are multiple reasons for this. They tend to take place in linguistic fogs. Instead of money taken at the point of a gun, it's taken by promises and claims that can be made to appear as merely over-ambitious, misunderstandings of complex rules, just........

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