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Dear Amy Cooper, it is not your fault

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Dear Amy,

It is not your fault.

You do not deserve this. The internet is a hellscape of hatred.

No. That is unfair. The internet is simply a tool. Dispassionate. It does not care what comes of this.

And, to be fair, it does much that is good. Like any tool, it can help us build. A hammer, after all, is a tool we can use to build a safe home for a child.

But we can also use it to smash a skull.

That is the way of tools. Is it the tool's fault that the skull is smashed? Perhaps. Perhaps not. I have great difficulty answering such questions.

The internet is just a tool. But people have beaten you with it and I am sorry for that, Amy. You do not deserve this.

That is the problem with a hammer. It is designed to hit. So, holding a hammer, we think only of hitting. The internet is so like a hammer. A tool designed to state, to pronounce. Not to listen.

One can turn a screw with a hammer. But it takes a great deal of work, and it often bends the screw. Better to simply hit it. Hard. That still bends the screw, but it takes much less work.

We do not listen well with this internet tool. And when we do, we bend what we hear. It is designed to speak. To vocalise without a voice. With one hundred million voices.

Likes and retweets and shares of voices.

All of our thoughts, any thought. Without thought. With strong emotions. Strong emotions are good for likes and shares. And retweets. And restatements. And agreement. And outrage. And anger. And hatred.

Anger and........

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