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What is Critical Race Theory?

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The culture of settler-colonial societies, of people coming from across the world and overpowering the original inhabitants of a vast or small territory to form a garrison state around themselves, has enduring and insurmountable maladies and misanthropies. This does not mean people in England, France, Turkey, Iran, India, or China do not have their own sedentary predicaments. They do. But those predicaments are of a different genealogy.

One thing settler colonialists do is act as if they are the native inhabitants of the lands they violently conquered, and brand all those who come after them as “immigrants”. They engage in a strange, possessive type of historiography, in an effort to convince themselves and the world that they have a righteous claim to the land they stole.

Fully aware of their recent origins, these settler colonialists feel threatened and start acting strangely every time there is a rise in critical awareness about who’s who and what’s what in the land they claimed as theirs and theirs alone.

And this is exactly what is happening today in the settler colony we call the United States of America.

So often you wake up in this strange habitat to find the inherently racist settler colonists having a tantrum about a word, a mantra, or something they perceive as a magical spell that could suddenly and irrevocably delegitimise their origin myths. These days, it is “Critical Race Theory” and, given their bizarre obsession with abbreviations, they are referring to it as “CRT”.

Right now, in their eyes, “CRT” is profanity, a curse word. It represents the latest attack on their sense of self, their “homeland”.

Now, what exactly is Critical Race Theory?

It does not really matter. It means what Donald Trump told them it means. It means a bad thing. It means white people are in danger. It means if Americans do not re-elect Trump, or another equally reactionary and racist Republican, then Black people, Latinx, feminists, Marxists, Jews, Muslims, gays, transgender people and all those godless commies will come and take over their country.

Critical Race Theory – a school of thought that holds that major institutions in the US are inherently racist and constructed by their nature to perpetuate white supremacy – would have remained an entirely obscure academic preoccupation were it not for Trump and his all-out bigoted........

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