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This is a time for choosing

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Mercifully, the finish line is approaching.

It has taken almost four years to get here. It has taken stamina and resilience. It has taken will and perseverance, too. It has required us to brave a long, black pall that has never seemed to lift - for more than a moment - to allow light or hope to seep through.

In slightly more than six weeks, we will learn whether that heavy, near-perpetual malaise will deepen or begin, finally, to be replaced by the faint prospect of better days, free of the daily, grinding indignities, insults and perversions of a malignant president, Donald Trump.

Of course, the outcome remains uncertain. While national polls continue to show Democratic challenger, Joe Biden, with a durable lead, some crucial state polls are beginning to reveal a tightening. Although anticipated, this phenomenon is alarming to those who wish, as I do, to be rid of this pestilential presidency.

That the verdict American voters will render on November 3 remains in doubt is testament to the rebar-sturdy support Trump still enjoys despite his profane temperament, manifest incompetence, corruption and congenital dishonesty.

The latest and fatal example of Trump's insidious perfidy was his taped admission in February to journalist Bob Woodward that he knew COVID-19 was airborne, deadly and that the virus killed indiscriminately and efficiently.

And yet, the American president, predictably, buried the truth, claiming, instead, that the virus was a "hoax" as part of his dangerous, self-serving strategy to downplay knowingly its lethality, allegedly to avoid "panic".

Even by Trump's appalling standards, this lie, perhaps more than any other, has revealed his singularly malevolent nature. Trump knew the........

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