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The Mafia and Israel’s child killers

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It is easy to kill and get away with killing.

A former hitman I got to know well while writing a book years ago about Canada’s nefarious spy service once made that stunning admission to me.

It was stunning because the middle-aged man with a monotone voice, slim build, wispy white hair, and quiet, almost elegant demeanour, seemed, at first impression, to be a harmless, petty thief who stole to raise enough money to survive until his next score.

Only later, as his trust in me deepened, did he share the sinister secret that he had killed other hoodlums on the orders of a prominent Mafioso family he had ingratiated himself to during one of his many stints in prisons across Canada.

I did not burrow for details because, frankly, I did not want to know the details. But I knew he was not prone to the kind of bravado and hyperbole crooks often engage in to impress or inflate their lawless resume.

Still, he told me he would never harm a quarry’s family, particularly their kids. I believed him, knowing full well that Mafia “codes of honour” that bar women and children from being murdered are a sentimental, Hollywood-propelled fiction.

The squalid fact is that Mafioso goons have repeatedly killed women and toddlers, some as young as three-year-old, who were shot in the head before being incinerated in burned-out cars.

The hitman and the Mafia came to mind as I read about the murder of yet another Palestinian child, instantly erased by one of a ruthless crew of gangsters masquerading as “soldiers” who populate the Israeli military.

Truth is that the Mafia and the Israeli military have a lot in common: life – including the budding lives of children – is considered cheap and disposable in the pursuit of their base, parochial instincts and interests. And........

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