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Elect a populist, people die

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Fact 1: A murderous virus has proven that a lot of people die when populist charlatans get elected.

Fact 2: Scientists have established that the sad sweep of deaths, grief and despair this contagion has caused should not have happened.

Fact 3: We now know that when a grim, relentless disease meets petty, diseased minds, catastrophe is likely to ensue.

Some of the charlatans’ names are familiar: Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro.

These two preening delinquents masquerading as leaders have visited inconsolable pain, suffering and loss upon so many families whose names we do not know.

Anyone from anywhere who, for any reason, disputes these facts is guilty of the same ignorance and infuriating obstinance of these two rich, white men whose disdain for the nearly one million people in the United States and Brazil who have succumbed to a mutating virus is as plain as it is grotesque.

Given the sickening measure of Trump and Bolsonaro’s inhumanity and malevolence, I am compelled to ask: “Do these deaths constitute a crime?”

I pose this question not to shock, but to try to understand and frame the scope of the cruel malfeasance and a breathtaking number of deaths these venal, scientifically illiterate frauds are undeniably responsible for.

Trump and Bolsonaro may not have set out to kill for a perverse parochial aim.

Still, in rejecting, with such cocky craven certainty, the prescient advice of doctors and scientists who briefed this pair of rank populists on what they had to do to prevent a human calamity and when they had to do it, Trump and Bolsonaro consigned hundreds of thousands of their fellow citizens to often agonising, lonely deaths and then promptly forgot about them.

They achieved........

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