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Canada’s blackout of Israel’s crimes against humanity

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Sometimes, it requires a little patience to reveal the truth.

Here is the truth: Canada’s political and media establishment employs an ingrained modus operandi not only to shield their coddled confederate in the Middle East, Israel, from the censure it has so blatantly earned, but to allow powerful politicians and news organisations to lie about who and what Israel is to Canadians.

Let me explain. Warning: this is going to take a while.

Late last month, Human Rights Watch (HRW) became the latest independent agency to find belatedly that Israel has, for decades, wantonly and with impunity committed crimes against humanity targeting Palestinian innocents who, for generation after generation, have tried to live, work, love and raise families as best they can in occupied Palestine.

In its 213-page report, HRW documents in stark, distressing detail the litany of crimes against humanity that Israel has systematically visited on generation after generation of innocents, including, of course, children who try to live, learn, love and play in besieged, occupied Palestine.

The overarching intent of Israel’s crimes, HRW explains, has been to segregate, oppress, dominate, and subjugate generation after generation of innocents in occupied Palestine.

HRW makes plain that Canada’s valued friend has achieved its “inhuman” designs by, in part, denying Palestinians building permits, violently and summarily evicting Palestinians from their homes, stealing their land, denying Palestinians clean water, forcing Palestinians to live in squalor and deprivation, blocking Palestinian couples and families from living together, habitually humiliating Palestinians at military checkpoints, unilaterally suspending Palestinians’ civil rights and depriving them of work, imprisoning Palestinian children, torturing Palestinians and maiming and killing Palestinians indiscriminately and disproportionally.

As a result, HRW concludes that Israel has, for decades, been guilty of pursuing a policy of ethnic supremacy against generation after generation of innocents in occupied Palestine that has translated into the methodical persecution of Palestinians and rendered Israel an apartheid state.

The pat justifications that Israel and its loyal allies in Ottawa and newsrooms across Canada trot out predictably to excuse or defend Israel’s chronic, grinding, often lethal criminality towards Palestinians convince only the blind and gullible.

The notion that Israel can commit systemic crimes against humanity and impose its ruthless hegemony over Palestinians in order to protect its security is rightly dismissed by HRW as, in effect, a canard.

“Many [of Israel’s] policies have no legitimate security justification,” HRW writes. “Even where security forms part of the motivation behind a particular policy, that does not give Israel a carte blanche to violate human rights en masse.”

HRW insists that nations must finally hold Israel to account and fundamentally re-evaluate their “approach to Israel and Palestine” to avoid being complicit in crimes against humanity.

“The international community has for too long explained away and turned a blind eye to the increasingly transparent reality on the ground,” HRW writes.

So, to recap, a prominent human rights group that successive Canadian governments and establishment journalists routinely rely on and cite in speeches, tweets, press releases, news stories and columns to assail the........

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