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Are Justin Trudeau’s ‘sunny ways’ over?

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The days of Justin Trudeau’s “sunny ways” may be over.

The jejune Canadian prime minister’s cocky gambit to call an unnecessary election in the midst of a stubborn pandemic has proven to be a strategic miscalculation of blunt, historic proportions.

Like any vapid politician more interested in seizing a parochial political dividend than pursuing the national interest, Trudeau abandoned – faster than Usain Bolt dashed to Olympic gold – a flimsy pledge not to hold a national vote while a lethal virus gripped Canada.

Trudeau had one aim: win a majority. He failed. Last night’s sharp rebuke is the second time in less than two years that many Canadians have, in effect, told him that his youthful, inconsequential sheen has lost much of its allure. As such, they were disinclined to grant him the broad mandate he was, no doubt, confident he would secure.

So, today, the Canadian Parliament mirrors, almost to a seat, the Parliament that was dissolved a touch over a month ago to satiate Trudeau’s irresistible yearning for the elusive prize of a majority.

While he may still be prime minister leading a minority government, Trudeau, I suspect, understands that the Liberal Party’s only attachment is to absolute rule, unperturbed or constrained by other parties it considers little more than irritating obstacles to its rightful destiny.

Trudeau’s defining hypocrisy is that he claimed to represent a departure from the old, tired modus operandi. He was the embodiment of a new kind of politics that put country over party, people over power, modesty over........

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