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'Rule of law' in the Trudeau era

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Eventually, it infects, often fatally, all so-called Western "liberal" democracies. Still, some regimes fall prey to the corrosive conceit faster than others.

For Canada's "natural governing party" - the Liberals - hubris has, arguably since Confederation in 1867, been part of its defining nature, accustomed as it has been, not only to power but, perhaps more satisfying, to wielding it.

So, when the Liberal Party prevailed yet again in the October 2015 federal election after enduring the largely powerless gulag of opposition for almost 10 years, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and company regained what they considered, no doubt, their rightful place as the governors, not the governed.

Amid the giddy celebrations, there was, to be sure, the usual dollop of bromide-laced rhetoric about "transparency", "feminism", "equality", and the "rule of law", where the interests of "ordinary Canadians" would no longer be sacrificed to satiate corporate profligacy.

Only those unfamiliar with history took Trudeau's halting, sophomoric talk seriously. The Liberal Party has always been about one thing: power.

Now Canadians have learned that translates into mostly white, male, unelected officials who make up Trudeau's inner orbit - known as the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) - using their power reportedly to "pressure" the country's first female Indigenous justice minister to let a big, powerful, scandal-plagued, Quebec-based engineering company off the criminal hook.

Everything else is trite symbolism designed to persuade the gullible of the Trudeau government's phantom "progressive" credentials.

This is the prism through which the Canadian prime minister's current travails, which have exposed the Liberal........

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