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'Social housing should not just be for people with low incomes – this creates ghettos'

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HOUSING SHOULD NOT be a tradable commodity. If we allow builders to build dog boxes with shared kitchens – we should not be surprised when those we expect to live there end up behaving like pack animals competing for resources.

The new regulations to allow small housing units to be built will solve a problem – but not the problem we need to solve.

They will allow the investors, developers and builders to make more profit – which was a problem for them, but will not provide homes that are fit for purpose.

Doesn’t address the real problem

Solving the wrong problem creates more problems. This proposal is designed to increase profit and with it motivation to build, but it rides roughshod over very basic needs we have as a society. And it doesn’t address the real problem.

That creates conflict between what we want as a society, and what individual developers want as business people. Can you imagine what we could accomplish if we freed people from the emotional and mental struggle to find and afford a place – fit for purpose – to live in?

This is not just an issue for low income groups. All housing is social housing, because how we live affects all of us. Very few people can afford to rent or buy units. The homeless figure is much larger than what we hear because we are not counting those living with parents or in their parents’ second home.

We need to build units for people of all income levels. We need to build units for people of all ages and backgrounds, for families, for communities, with space to store bicycles and other stuff normal functioning human beings gather.

And we need to build units that people can call their long-term homes, with security of tenure, rent control, and freedom to furnish however they like. Landlords can evict from furnished apartments a lot easier than non........

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