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Murder Most Foul

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Can pseudo-secularists or pseudo -nationalists be murdered because you dislike and disagree with them ?

In a flash, in a moment of senseless madness, a life was snuffed out. A luminous mind extinguished. A lithe, vibrant, sylph-like woman cut down by a hail of bullets by unknown assailants. Gauri Lankesh was irrepressible and irreverent. Fired with a crusading zeal she challenged and confronted right wing bigots and zealots, often fighting for the cause of the poor and the marginalised. She took up cudgels on behalf of the Naxals and she lionised the left leaning student leaders. Not a card carrying communist, but a fire breathing socialist and journalist-activist. That was her public persona. In private, she was caring , humane and loving.

To all appearances it was carried out by unknown, faceless, nameless contract killers. As former IGP Intelligence Karnataka Gopal Hosur said in a recent interview, it could have been ordered by ideological opponents, or by some one connected to her private life, or by others related to her professional or business matters. He added that the State Government had utterly failed when asked about the Kalburgi murder where the State has still no clue about the murderers. Since Gauri was a well known journalist of a tabloid and a kind of rebel who was in the cross hairs of various sections of society, and also whose murder follows a pattern of earlier murders of intellectuals and rationalists , one of whom was also a respected academic and vice chancellor of Hampi University Dr M Kalburgi, the latest murder has caught the nation’s attention. And therefore the onus is squarely on the state government to either catch those suspected right wing fanatics alleged by many to have ordered the killings or dispel the rumours surrounding her death by catching the true killers.

People loosing their senses in a fit of rage when abused or insulted or possessed by jealousy, swept away by passion, seized in a paroxysm of anger, are often known to kill with their bare hands, or stab with a knife or pump bullets. That madness still makes some sense. Even the courts in most countries treat such crimes more leniently in comparison to premeditated murders. They are impulsive crimes of........

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