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When Theresa May needs to save herself and scrap cap on public sector pay — there really IS a magic money tree

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HEY, guess what? Theresa May has shaken the famous magic money tree and – would you believe it – a whole bunch of money has fallen out.

The cap on public sector pay has been scrapped. First in line for a raise are the coppers and the screws.

I’m glad for them, I really am. The higher wages are, the more people spend.

I’ve always been in favour of high wages. Especially, as it happens, for me.

But it raises a few questions, doesn’t it?

The pay cap was imposed seven years ago because the country was very heavily in debt. We’re still very heavily in debt. We’re not better off. So was the pay cap wrong in the first place? Or is breaking it wrong now?

It has to be one or the other.

This shambolic Government has got itself into all kinds of trouble.

The death knell for the public sector pay cap came shortly after the disastrous General Election result in June.

Earlier, when asked about giving a rise to the nurses and so on, Mrs May made her patronising comment about that magic money tree. There isn’t one, ­apparently.

Then, when she was stuffed in the ­election and desperate to form a ­government with anyone who would ­listen, what did she do?

Yay, she suddenly FOUND that magic money tree. And she gave it a good old shake. And out dropped a bung of more than a billion quid for the ­Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland.

When it came to saving her skin, it seemed there was a magic money tree after all.

And so, as a consequence, she’s in real trouble. Because giving the police and prison officers a small pay hike was never going to appease the unions.

They’ve already described the rise as pitiful and useless.

Truth be told, they’d have said the same thing if the Prime Minister had decided the coppers should get an extra 20 per cent.

It’s not really pay rises that the unions are after. Leaders such as Len McCluskey — the man with the face of a giant unbaked pie —........

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