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If Gujarat was a battle, the war has just begun

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Learnings from the narrow victory in their citadel will hopefully teach the BJP how to win the 2019 Lok Sabha election

Modern wars are usually large, multi-theatre events with tens of smaller battles taking place across different fronts. A victory or defeat in one battle may not signify much and could have little to do with the eventual outcome of the war even in the short-term. This is a gross simplification but this is in essence the difference between a tactical and strategic battle. However, a huge number of tactical victories, even in different fronts can lead to a strategic victory. Tactical battles are usually fought by local commanders with an understanding of the overall strategic picture but not beholden to it and sometimes even indifferent to it. For the most part large strategic moves are few and far between in wars because commanders have seen the diminishing returns from such moves, a lesson learnt after the horrors of the Western Front and Gallipoli in World War 1. That isn't to say they don't happen, Israel’s pre-emptive airstrike in 1967 was a strategic move aimed at crippling the enemy. Yet, the next war in that region the October War of 1973 was immensely tactical highlighted by Ariel Sharon’s masterstroke at the end. Using huge megaton class warheads on cities or an entire front is strategic. Using smaller kiloton weapons to attack particular battlefields is tactical.

The reason we have diverted to wars is to draw a metaphor with the Gujarat elections.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) under the Narendra Modi and Amit Shah duo fights massive strategic wars, carpet bombing the enemy with weapons of mass destruction, fighting a massive image war and........

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