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The messiah and the leper

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Why is the PTI behaving like a child who has just stolen his father’s car-keys and is trying to make sense of the gear stick and pedals? Hasn’t the party governed a complex province for five years – and not too badly, though the real change falls short of claims by a million miles. Isn’t its cabinet overwhelmingly manned by the seasoned Musharraf Eleven who had ‘reconstructed’ the nation in their earlier incarnation before they lost their lucrative employments for a decade? Why can’t they put the Lego pieces together again, according to the fertile imagination of their new boss and give us Naya Pakistan?

It is hard to replicate Naya Pakhtunkhwa at the centre and in Punjab because the PTI governed that province in unique circumstances that can’t be created again. When the PTI took over, KP was the epicentre of terrorism. During the PTI’s tenure in the province, the military fought decisive battles, snatched back safe havens from terrorists and restored order. After half a generation, the people in KP experienced peace and, quite wrongly, thanked the PTI for it.

Alongside peace came relative prosperity. The PML-N government was able to double the GDP growth, bringing it close to 6 percent, while inflation remained very low. Ishaq Dar doubled the tax receipts, raising them from around Rs2000 billion to around Rs4000 billion. Thanks to the7th NFC Award, which was the result of a ‘muk muka’ between PML-N and the PPP, a good part of the money went to the provinces. KP’s development budget doubled because of the enhanced receipts from the centre. People again wrongly thanked the PTI and thought it was not the new money earned by Ishaq Dar doing wonders, but money well spent because of the PTI’s honesty and integrity.

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