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The invention of the white people

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The gross spectacle of racist terrorists in August in Charlottesville, US, and President Trump’s unabashed siding with the proto-Fascist white supremacists have now brought American politics to global attention. However limited or extensive this ‘base’ of Donald Trump’s presidency might be, the politics of white supremacy has now become openly integral to the racial imagination of the US.

Taking their cues from their president and his chief advisers like (until recently) Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, and Sebastian Gorka in the White House, a small but increasingly vocal armed militia calling itself ‘white nationalists’ (a euphemism for white supremacists) march with torches like the KKK, saluting like Nazis, and chant xenophobic and anti-Semitic slogans through Charlottesville. These are the driest and deepest layers of racial hatred from the time of the first slaughter of Native Americans, from the time of mass slavery of African Americans, now finding the right environment to come up to surface.

As a society and a polity, the US has never been cured, never been treated, and it has never resolved its murderous racist history. It has just kept shoving it under a thin veneer of liberal hypocrisy and bourgeois etiquette at home and projected it outward in the form of warmongering abroad. From the Korean, to Vietnam, to Afghan and Iraq wars the US invasions and occupation of other countries are underwritten by racial hatred. The Israeli occupation and systemic land theft of Palestine is an extended chapter in the same book.

The affinity of neo-Nazi white supremacists for Zionism and Israel is a match made in the racists’ heaven. Self-delusional liberal Zionists act surprised that a nefarious white supremacist like Richard Spencer has openly admitted on an Israeli TV show that Israelis ‘should respect him’ for he is ‘a white Zionist’. But the world at large is not surprised at all. Of course, he and his ilk are........

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