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What if the rich lived forever?

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By Jason Lim

Everyone knows the famous story of how Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, made a fool of himself trying to live forever. He entrusted the magician Xu Fu of Zhifu Island with 6,000 virgins, untold riches, and a fleet of ships to travel to Pengal Islands, where eight immortals kept the elixir of life. Even when the magician failed to return, the emperor entrusted other charlatans with riches to go out and bring back a way to live forever. Ironically, the emperor ended up overdosing on pills made of mercury, which was a common ingredient in elixirs of life.

So, even the most powerful man of his era couldn't live forever. Everyone dies. Death is the great equalizer.

Until now, that is. According to recent press reports, scientists have been able to reverse aging in human cells in the laboratory. The study, as published in journal "Aging," describes scientists delivering hydrogen sulfide directly onto mitochondria to regain the cell's ability to divide. "The researchers were able to reverse the aging process of some old human cells by delivering a specific molecule to their mitochondria, the structures within cells where energy is produced. This approach stops the cells from becoming senescent, a point at which they can no longer duplicate. Some researchers believe that........

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