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Let's all get 'flexible'

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By Donald Kirk

WASHINGTON ― Time now to return to North Korea, the topic having been all but forgotten during campaigning for congressional elections seen as testing President Donald Trump's grip on power.

No, the American Congress does not get to vote a president in or out of an office the way the British Parliament or Japanese Diet vote for or against a prime minister. Still, Trump sorely had to retain control over the upper house of Congress, the Senate, which he managed to do in elections Tuesday for six-year terms for 35 of that august body's 100 members.

As for the House of Representatives, the lower house, all of whose 435 seats were contested for two-year terms, yes, the Democrats gained a slight majority. House Democrats will have a lot of fun investigating everything from Trump's tax returns, never revealed, to his profiteering off his hotels and golf courses, but they probably won't impeach him. Even if they do, he can be sure the Republican-controlled senate would not take the final step of convicting and ousting him.

With the elections out of the way, Trump can take a deep breath, stop the grandstanding about an invasion of aliens plotting........

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