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White supremacy, the remix

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By Deauwand Myers

"White folks be a miracle of affliction…" ― From Alice Walker's "The Color Purple"

If I were to judge white folks by my own experiences, I wouldn't have very many negative things to say. Surrounded by them in my childhood, throughout college and graduate school, and from the southern United States, no less, there are very few instances of racism I can point to that would leave some indelibly negative mark on my psyche.

Even "micro-aggressions" have been few and far between. The police, from the few instances I've encountered them, have always been kind to me.

In fact, I've only experienced overt forms of racism overseas; more on that later.

Yet, my own life does not a history make. The overwhelming evidence is in, and white people have a lot of explaining to do. Mind you, Europeans, and their descendants,don't have a patent on evil, cruelty, or malice; (these are invariably part of the human condition), but for the last 600 years or so, they've done a bang-up job on deploying said ills in their pursuit of empire. Imperialism is a gateway drug, for it requires so many malefactions to successfully pursue it.

In sheer number, from the genocidal land theft of indigenous populations throughout the Americas and beyond; or the........

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