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Scramble to help Iran making EU’s ‘foreign policy’ office look almost entirely useless

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Andy Warhol famously said that one day, everyone will have their 15 minutes of fame. And this is certainly true of Federica Mogherini and her €793 million annual budget she gets to spend on keeping an EU fantasy alive: that the EU has a real, working foreign policy.

And for just one fleeting moment, the world held its breath when Donald Trump announced that the US was pulling out of the so-called Iran Deal, throwing the spotlight on the EU to grasp the nettle and, for the very first time, break away from Washington’s leadership on the international circuit and do its own thing.

At that pivotal moment, many thought that EU firms pulling out of Iran wasn't such a big blow to the EU's Save Iran Project, even though talk of a 'super directive' which – don’t laugh – aimed to force them not to, was always faintly preposterous at best and delusional at worse.

But in fact, the news in the last few days that the EU's own investment bank won't even come up with a rescue plan for Iran's economy is much more significant and indicative to just how delusional and ineffective so called EU 'foreign policy’ really is.

This cavalier move by the EU may well be a suicidal one as with each day passing, the reality for EU member states – if not its citizens – is that ever since the early days of EU folks dreaming of acquiring real hegemony with the farcical and entirely useless Barcelona Process in 1995, the EU is still operating in Cloud Cuckoo Land. ‘Foreign Policy’ is in fact something just conjured up by federalists in Brussels and more a subject or a theme for the press fodder machine in the Belgian capital to feed compliant journalists. It’s a black cat in a windowless room, sitting on the black chair. It doesn’t really exist.

Or rather, it only exists in your mind. Scary.

But it almost did, with the Iran Deal, which the EU cherished as it felt, erroneously, that it was Brussels that did all the hard work. The EU’s first international deal. Like a baby being born, we could see the head of power,........

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