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From ‘Russian meddling’ to Iran regime change: Social media as tools of US policy

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If social media platform Twitter can ban German politicians for incitement (of race hate), then why doesn’t it apply the same sanction on President Trump over his incendiary comments regarding Iranian protests?

Arguably, Trump’s incitement is far graver. He is recklessly encouraging violence in a whole nation. The arrogance is astounding and yet Twitter and other US news media just go along with it. So too do European leaders and media.

Trump and his administration have been full-on in public statements egging on protests which broke out in Iran last week. Trump’s denouncing of the Iranian government as “brutal and corrupt” and urging “time for change” is a brazen incitement to sedition.

Such respect for the people of Iran as they try to take back their corrupt government. You will see great support from the United States at the appropriate time!

Meanwhile, Nikki Haley, the insufferable US ambassador at the United Nations, added to the hysterical chorus coming out of Washington. She called for an emergency meeting Friday at the Security Council in order to condemn Iranian authorities for their handling of demonstrations in which some 20 people have been killed after nearly seven days of disturbances.

Earlier, Haley embarked on one of her geopolitical fantasies when she hailed the “Iranian people crying out for freedom” and “rising up against dictators.”

This is grossly irresponsible interference in the sovereign internal affairs of Iran.

Russia has rightly censured the US for meddling in Iran’s domestic politics. Moscow said the emergency meeting called by Haley at the UN was “harmful and destructive” grandstanding.

The laughable irony of this is that American politicians and news media have been banging on for over a year with allegations of Russian meddling in US internal affairs, notwithstanding that no credible evidence has been provided for these American claims.

However, the US entitles itself to plow headlong into........

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