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Oil and Other Stocks Up on War for the Border Wall: No, Really

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US President Donald Trump is in a pickle. Having put his foot down over the controversial border wall, the enigmatic billionaire has put himself and millions of Americas up against a wall. Excuse the metaphor, but his determination, while admirable, is going to end up in disaster. As I type this, hundreds of thousands of federal workers are in limbo in what’s sure to become the longest US government shutdown on record.

When paychecks don’t hit direct deposit this Friday, it won’t be Donald Trump or congressional Democrats shuffling to try and pay bills. Trump’s opposition on the border wall issue cannot give, and neither can the president. And the whole mess is over what has to be the craziest political football that ever existed. I’ll admit I originally supported the border wall campaign promise by Trump, but reason has a way of creeping in over time. This administration’s other zaniness having moderated my zeal to elect change, a wall in between Mexico and the United States in this day and age, it’s just nonsense. Let’s look at the situation from a far-off standpoint.

What caused this need for tighter border restrictions in the first place? This is one question we need to ask before buying Trump’s wall program hook-line-and-sinker. We’ve been sold a bill of goods as far as explaining the migrant explosion to America, this I can tell you. The thousands of Central American migrants lugging it through Mexico towards the US are fleeing poverty and violence that filled the vacuum of Cold War struggle. However, their plight has just as much to do with another Trump policy nightmare. This Guardian report frames climate change as a variable as important as these other factors. The fact that these migrants are leaving because climate change has destroyed their food sources is never reported in the mainstream. The bottom line is, Central America has a rapidly disintegrating food security problem. So, most of those “undesirables” Mr. Trump and his army of right-wing extremists warn us against; they’re starving to death. Excuse, me. What would you or I do if our families had nothing to eat, were beaten or shot at by gangs, and if we could not find work? Let me make........

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