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“Sand and Death” Trump Says It All in Geopolitical Doublespeak

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One thing is certain; there is no definitive transcript for what is going on in Syria and who is benefitting the most from pulling out of Syria and Afghanistan. But if we listen to MSNBC and other so-called MSM outlets, at least get the bullet points and work from there we can begin to deconstruct the spin that is too often presented as reality.

In one recent TV broadcast news commentary it was claimed that Donald Trump endorsed the 1979 invasion of Afghanistan, and used the position of the Soviet Union in that conflict to justify his current policy of getting out and bringing to a close a war that the US should never have gotten into in the first place.

What Trump said was,

We are talking to the Taliban and we’re talking to a lot of different people but here is the thing … because you mentioned India – India is there, Russia is there; Russia used to be the Soviet Union. It was Afghanistan that made the USSR into Russia because they went bankrupt fighting in Afghanistan. The reason Russia was in Afghanistan was because terrorists were going into Russia. It had a right to be there. However, the problem is it was a tough fight and literally they went bankrupt; they went into being called Russia again as opposed to the Soviet Union—you know a lot of these places you’re reading about now are no longer part of Russia because of Afghanistan – but why isn’t Russia there, why isn’t India there.., and why are we [the US] … 6000 miles away?

This summary does provide “historic justice” in explaining why the USSR collapsed, but its actual importance is that it makes a statement which is starting to make sense to more and more Americans – that “we just cannot afford costly wars in faraway places.”

David Ignatius of The Washington Post described the situation well from the perspective of that journal and its fan club. He made a convincing argument on the show Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough & Mika Brzezinski [6 AM] 01/03/19 and raised some good questions:

1) What is American policy in Syria?

2) What are we trying to do in Afghanistan?

3) How long are we planning on staying in these places?

One thing is certain in answering these questions, “America is less important in the world now; and it is necessary to reckon with this reality”. That conclusion is especially worrying for many pundits.

Ignatius puts it bluntly, and many would agree: “It ends a low-cost, high-impact mission and creates a vacuum that will be filled by one of a series of bad actors — Iran, Russia, Turkey, Islamic extremists, the Syrian regime — take your pick, they’re all dangerous for U.S. interests in the Middle East.”

Inconvenient Truths

As for Syria, Trump is also sharing inconvenient truths for many. “We don’t want Syria, and Obama gave you Syria years ago when he didn’t violate the........

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