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The weakness of international justice and the ICC

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It is a proven fact that if you have good lawyers and clever publicists, you can pretty much avoid responsibility for any criminal action in today’s world. This isn’t a recent conclusion. We have seen evidence of this reality many times over the years.

The law is manipulated often, such as in cases involving those who do and do not allow their nuclear arsenals to be inspected by the international community. Iran, for example, has been attacked because it refuses to cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in disclosing its efforts to develop nuclear weapons. Israel, meanwhile, actually has one of the largest nuclear arsenals in the world but neither allows IAEA inspectors to visit its nuclear facilities nor gets criticised for this. Why the double standards?

Iran’s former dictator, the Shah, was a signatory to the IAEA agreement. Although he was ousted in 1979, the IAEA, Israel and America assert that his agreement now applies to his successors, the Ayatollahs.

In reality, it doesn’t matter that Iran does not have any nuclear weapons or that Israel does. What matters, apparently, is the politics.

Israel source: ICC does not object to demolition of Khan Al-Ahmar

Why isn’t Israel required to allow international inspections of its nuclear arsenal, weapons which it once threatened to use when the Arabs sought to recover their lands in the 1973 October War? Well, Israel has refused to recognise the IAEA and has refused to sign the agreement.

This issue extends far beyond the real threat of Israel’s........

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