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‘Egypt’s January 25 rebels were united by the great revolution but later divided by conspiracies’

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This article was leaked from prison by Dr Mohamed El-Beltagy explicitly to a number of media organisations, including Arabi 21. Dr Mohamed El-Beltagy is a prominent Muslim Brotherhood leader imprisoned in Egypt and a former member of the People’s Assembly.

On the afternoon of Tuesday 25 January 2011, I, along with my wife and children, went to the Egyptian High Court of Justice and then to Tahrir Square, located in the heart of Cairo. We joined the mass marches that began after the Friday Prayers on 28 January in the Rabaa Al-Adawiya Mosque in Nasr City and then headed for Tahrir Square. We were surrounded by police and they fired bullets and bombs on us between Ramses and Tahrir. Some of us died as martyrs.

At the time, my daughter Asmaa, 14, and her brother Hossam, 9, were aware, like thousands of other young men and women participating in the march, that they were writing one of the greatest pages in Egypt’s modern history. They were also aware that they might have to pay with their lives as the price of the lines they were writing on that glorious page in history.

The events that followed carried many hopes and pains, successes and failures. They continued until Asmaa was killed by a military sniper’s bullet during the Rabaa Massacre on 14 August 2013. Hossam was forced to leave the country with his mother and siblings after his sister was killed and his father imprisoned. He, a ninth grader in school, was wanted for arrest, just like his father and brother Anas.

No one imagined that the day would come when those who participated in the January 25 Revolution would be sent to the gallows on charges of helping the foreign armed forces that occupied the country overthrow the regime and force the government to hand over authority over to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egyptians come together, participating in the revolution that took place on 25th January 2011 [The wisdom of the day/Facebook]

This is not an exaggeration on my part aiming to gain sympathy with our cause or grievances, nor is it the impact of solitary confinement, torture, and deprivation of all rights for over four years. However, what has happened is the ugliest crime committed by the violent military coup that occurred in Egypt on 3 July 2013. This crime is no less heinous than the coup itself (a coup staged by the defence minister against the first elected president after a glorious revolution) and the subsequent massacres, crimes, and disasters the people are still going through. This is a crime of falsifying history.

The coup was staged as an attempt to distract Egyptians from one of the brightest pages in modern history, the January 25 Revolution, every moment of which was followed by the world. The world saw this as a unique example of a civilised revolution through which the Egyptian people successfully forced Hosni Mubarak to step down.

Today the coup and the ruling government in Egypt formally consider the January 25 Revolution as a “foreign occupation”. I am not referring to what Mubarak and Omar Suleiman called the revolution, i.e. a foreign conspiracy, but rather an armed foreign occupation of the Egyptian state’s territories.

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Today’s government and its official institutions are saying that a foreign occupation of the country occurred on 28 January 2011 that aimed to overthrow the Egyptian state and hand it over to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The government considered the revolution to be an occupation of several Egyptian municipalities that was unknown to the world and not covered by reporters and journalists who reported all the events of the revolution. The government claims that even the Egyptians did not feel this occupation and did not discover it for many years.

In its ruling, issued on 16 June 2015, the Cairo Criminal Court (unanimously approved by judges after the approval of the Egyptian mufti) ruled that according to the ruling draft, “the defendants and over 800 others individuals belonging to Hamas, Hezbollah........

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