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Sinai is being cleared for the deal of the century

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Suddenly, Egyptians woke up to military marches, national songs, military shows of our armed forces and a statement by the official spokesman for the Egyptian Armed Forces announcing the beginning of the war against terrorist groups in Sinai, and the suspension of studies in schools. Previously, the Internet and communications were completely cut off altogether from Sinai. The governorate was isolated from the rest of the Egyptian governorates, or in a more precise sense, it was besieged following the closure of roads and passageways leading to the neighbouring governorates.

Civilians remained in their homes and protected themselves for fear of being hit by one of the shells which rained down on the Sinai Peninsula, and which do not distinguish between a peaceful citizen and a person claimed to be a terrorist. And so, they bombed houses and factories and burnt farms and destroyed crops and seeds.

Since the regime is still adhering to Gamal Abdel Nasser, and is still a prisoner of the sixties, it has fabricated a television war in the hope that all Egyptians with their tendencies and sects will gather together on the side which would serve its interests, as it happens in all holy wars where the ego and absolute self are fused into the autonomy of the nation and become all-in-one, because their pain and goals become the same. The regime wanted this, but not everything someone wants will necessarily happen.

Media tried to make the citizen live the conditions of this alleged war and put him under its fabricated situations, which is reminiscent of the conditions before the 1967 war and the mass mobilisation which took place to fight against the Zionist enemy. The difference is that the crowds in that period were longing for that holy war, where the enemy who occupied our land is clear to all.

Nowadays, the regime wants........

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