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The difference between being truly religious and what is being practiced as religion today

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Sadhguru, recently our country and society is getting entangled in certain disputes and looking at this, it seems that religion is creating conflict instead of showing the way to people.

All religions started as spiritual processes, but over a period of time, they became belief systems. They have digressed from their original intentions and become methods of dividing humanity. If I believe that a coconut tree is God and you believe a stone is God, both of us may be fine with each other today. But tomorrow when you want to cut that coconut tree for some reason, you and I will fight. Once you believe something which is not in your experience, once you assume a belief about something you do not know; clash is bound to happen.

So my effort is to bring people to a place where people are sincere enough to admit “What I know, I know. What I do not know, I do not know.” When you do not know, how can you fight? This is the basis of seeking and the basis of knowing. We have always been a nation of seekers of truths and liberation or mukthi. Believing this or that is a new phenomenon.

For a householder, who is busy with earning a living and family responsibilities, what should be the approach to one’s religion and what should be one’s daily behaviour?

There is a difference between being truly religious and what we see is practiced as religion today. Belonging to a particular group or shouting slogans does not make one religious. Being religious is a quality; it is about taking an inward step. Whatever may be the external circumstances of your life, you can take this step. If you don't take this step, whether you go to a temple, church or mosque, makes no difference. You go there only for solace, out of fear and guilt, or for greed. This is not religion. True religion is about looking within. Yoga is just........

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