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Rhythms of Earth - Cycles of Life

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Have we lost touch with the earth and nature? Sadhguru answers a question on how humanity can sync up with the natural cycles of the cosmos and of the human system.

Q: Not so long ago, in not-so-ancient times, people knew the rhythms of the earth, and when they would plant, they would listen to different things, rhythms from the animals and cycles of the moon. Now it’s all satellite images and genetically modified organisms and chemicals in the earth. How do we get people to revere and understand those old ways where people understood and worked within the cycles of life and heeded them for their own survival?

Sadhguru: Today, at least in cities, I would say 95% of people do not know what phase of the moon it is right now. If you ask them, they will Google it, they won’t look up in the sky! The phases of the moon and the impact that it has on your physiology and your psychological structure is phenomenal.

It is capable of pulling up the whole ocean, but you think nothing is happening to you? It definitely happens to you. It

is just that we have become a society of accumulated knowledge, not experiential knowing. For everything, we have to read a book. Slowly, we are becoming more and more of an incubated life rather than a real life.

This will cause various things. Many more things will happen if we don’t take care of it now. We are still at a place where we can turn it around, but if you cross certain lines, turning around is not going to be........

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