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Now or Never: Grasp this one-in-a-million chance to evolve spiritually

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Questioner: Sadhguru, when everything is part of creation, then everything about us – the body, mind, energy, and emotions – is also part of creation. When there is no greater intelligence than the Creator, where did we get misaligned and now have to struggle to get re-aligned?

Sadhguru: You are basically asking, where or why did we mess it up?

Any life form, even a single-cell amoeba is as much life as you are. It is fighting for its survival; it is doing its own thing. It reproduces, it lives, it dies – everything. If you look at the whole life-scape on the planet, from a microbe to a human being, it is an incredible variety of life. But the simpler the life form, the more in tune with existence it is.

An amoeba is just floating around in a lake – it does not stick out and say, “I’m an amoeba.” It is simply a part of the water – you don’t even know it is there. Not just one – millions of varieties of microbes are all simply there. But don’t think they don’t have their individuality.

They do have their individuality, they have their communities, they are waging wars against each other, they are fighting for survival, they are looking for new pastures, expanding their businesses. When they expand it into your body, you had it! If you look at it closely, you will see how........

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