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The ugly racist mobs aren't on the march in Brexit Britain - but in Germany, the heart of the 'open and friendly' EU 

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Does the name Tendayi Achiume ring any bells? She was the United Nations’ ‘Special Rapporteur on Racism’, who came to the UK on an official ‘mission’ earlier this year to see if Britain had become more racist since voting to leave the EU.

To the surprise of no one — and the delight of the Left and more zealous Remainers — she concluded that it most certainly had. In particular, her muddle-headed report claimed that Brexit had caused a surge in anti-Semitism and that Britain was now in the grip of ‘national panic’ about Islamic terrorism.

What a pity that Ms Achiume chose to come here instead of, say, Germany. Because if it’s a surge in ugly, extremist anti-immigrant activity you’re looking for — with angry mobs chasing terrified refugees down the street; with shaven-headed thugs hurling abuse at strangers on the basis of their skin colour — then don’t waste your time in Britain.


Go and wander through the friendly, open-hearted European Union and, in particular, the most important nation of the lot. Because when it comes to xenophobia, Germany leaves Brexit Britain for dust — as we are seeing this week.

Here in the UK, the far-Right has all but vanished and even Ukip is a busted flush. The most alarming signs of racism entering the political mainstream are to be found on the Left of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party with its growing vilification of ‘Zionists’.

Disturbing though the language of the Corbynistas may be, it is nothing compared with what we are witnessing on the Continent. Just look at the latest scenes in Saxony, where riot police have been breaking up rampaging gangs of far-Right (and a few far-Left) protesters in recent days.

The federal government has now had to offer support to the authorities in the city of Chemnitz — in what used to be East Germany — following violence in which 18 people were injured. The rioting follows the killing on Sunday of a 35-year-old German........

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