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Taiwan may be Trump's card on N Korea

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World War Two has long been over and Japan has transformed itself into a moral and political pillar of the world. Yet exposed nerves keep being irritated... take the issues of "comfort women" and visits to Yasukuni Shrine by successive Japanese leaders, which constantly remind the world how deep the scars of war run in a region unable to leave the politics of the mid-20th century behind. One old wound of that war in particular is now however the key to averting the nuclear exchange now threatening America, Australia, Japan and South and North Korea.

Resolving the North Korean issue peaceably will require negotiations not with North Korea but the real parents of the Korean break-up - China and Taiwan. To use "The Matrix" analogy, the "Agent" delivering the Blue Pill on Korea policy has always been China. Sanctions, recently stiffened yet again have not and will not work because of China. Satellite images released in the past month show North Korea's growth over the last decade despite them. Diplomacy has not worked because of China. The West asks Beijing to deliver messages - it does. The West asks China to intervene and back Western policy - it does not (while saying it does). Military threats do not work because of China. North Korea’s high-tech nuclear program and conventional military, while dated, remains active and in functioning........

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