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A cornered cat indeed makes strange jumps

3 9 12

Donald Trump’s latest reality entertainment, America Has Tyrants, is headed toward the dead show vault.

But that doesn’t mean anyone can relax. Cornered cats make strange jumps, after all. And the president is now the cat in the corner.

For the past few weeks, I have been writing in this space that the Trump bus is headed for a smash-up. And so is America. This week, yet more senior members of his former inner circle hit the bridge abutment.

Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen, who for 10 years told his boss’s lies and cleaned up his messes with gobs of cash, is now a self-admitted felon. Staring down five years in jail, the fixer is getting talkative.

The president with the lying disorder now says Cohen is a bad lawyer and a self-serving scumbag with zero credibility.

Trump has yet to explain why he kept such a moral degenerate on the payroll for a decade. Remember, this is the president who says he has the ability to read people within seconds of meeting them.

Who could forget how Trump boasted that he would know in less than a minute after meeting Kim Jong Un whether the dictator was serious about negotiating an end to nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula? Are people seriously to believe that Trump’s amazing spidey-sense went to sleep for a decade on Cohen?

Amongst the eight felony charges Cohen plead guilty to is campaign finance crimes.

Cohen says he broke the law at the behest of his client, Trump. The purpose of the hush money paid to former Trump playthings Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal? Nothing less than affecting the outcome of the 2016 presidential campaign – the stolen election.

How do we know Trump did this? His fixer taped the call where they were working the deal out. It was “Access Hollywood” all over again.

That makes Trump the unindicted-co-conspirator-in-chief. Or as those with memories that reach back to Watergate might put it, Trump now holds the Richard M. Nixon Award.

(No whopper from Sarah “Huckabull” Sanders will change that.)

Nor did the legal fate of former campaign chairman Paul Manafort reduce the nuclear damage that........

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