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We don't need a second EU vote. But we do need indyref2

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A NIGGLING feeling of disquiet emerges when Remainers offer their reasoning for a second referendum on leaving the EU. Some insist that the chaotic nature of the negotiations of itself justifies holding a second plebiscite. In particular, they cite the impasse in discussions about the future of the Irish border which, they claim, has become a much bigger issue than was ever predicted at the outset of the Brexit process. I’d be more inclined to entertain this one if not for the fact that I’ve rarely seen any evidence that the future of Ireland – north or south – was ever close to the heart of those now purporting to be anxious about it.

Others claim (and this appears to be the majority view among Remainers) that many UK citizens simply didn’t know what they were voting for. Well of course we didn’t know what we were voting for, as Britain had never previously conducted a vote on whether or not to remain in the EU. And if you insist that those who voted to leave the EU were largely ignorant about the consequences and ramifications of Brexit then the same could also be said for many who voted to Remain.

How easily many Remainers choose to overlook the behaviour of the EU in bending Greece to its will, encouraged by German banks who expressed disgust at the profligacy and corruption they claimed led that country into financial distress. These same banks have since made €2.9 billion in interest payments on Greek bonds since 2010. The German government’s own figures showed that Germany made €3.4bn in interest payments on these bonds – purchased in a deal to keep the Greek economy afloat – while paying Greece........

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