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This could be the first step to an independent Scotland

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IF the cause of independence is soon to prevail then its adherents will come to regard the month of May, 2018, as having been one of its high watermarks. In the coming weeks the contents of Andrew Wilson’s long-awaited Growth Commission, published yesterday, will be subject to intense scrutiny and an onslaught of foam-flecked invective from the massed ranks of the Unionist media. Much of this will have been pre-packaged and will feature the words “...but what about the £9bn fiscal deficit” this being the sacred incantation that eventually binds all pro-Union supplicants in adoration. That even the most obsessive of these has been forced to admit that the legendary public spending deficit represents a mere snapshot of a situation using incomplete data and failing to acknowledge the different spending priorities of the government of a future independent Scotland is rarely allowed to spoil the narrative.

The flavour at least of Wilson’s meaty report is initially a pleasant one. Of course it is imbued, as you would expect, with a sense of optimism underpinned by sensible GDP projections and a workable transition from sterling to a standalone Scottish currency. There are reminders of the proven advantages that an independent Scotland will possess in its oil and gas resources and its limitless renewables potential. Sprinkled throughout are indications that Scotland is eager to open its arms and embrace Europe and the wider world. And this at a time when the rest of the UK seems intent on retreating to a point in the 19th century when ideas of empire and supremacy reigned; of gunboat diplomacy and Third........

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